Thursday, 17 January 2013

Real bride and her wedding-Dreamy and dramatic look

A wedding will always be one memorable celebration that we can have for ourselves  or we can have for ourselves or we can attend to.Every wedding detail  is being done in such a way that it will always mark on every person who is going to attend your wedding.And as you will grow old and look back,you  will cherish each moment that  has happened on your wedding day.The most important occasion in a woman’s life is her wedding ceremony.Every woman wants to look  gorgeous and be the most attractive lady in the  whole gathering.That is why every woman takes so much time to finalize the out fit for this day.Bridal saris and wedding  saris are probably the best  apparel for a bride in which brides look stunning.

While selecting bridal saris and wedding saris,Women should consider five aspects:prices,color,sari style ,drape style and the border of the saris are available in many styles.Like semi-stitched saris and lehen-ga-cum-saris and our desi style sari.Desi style sari is always exceptional and has its own elegant look.The advantage of buying a semi-stitched sari is that you do not have to worry about the procedure to wear the sari.You need not bother about the pleats and just wrap the sari around your waist and tuck it in properly.

A lehenga-cum-sari is more comfortable and bride looooks slimmer in this sari because it does not have peats.Colors  play a very important role in any attire.Bridal saris are available in many colors.You can choose the color that you like and which suits  your skins  complexions;beiges,pastels,golden,and pinks asr some very beautiful colors to choose from.With  darker skin tone you can select  color like red,maroon,brownish red and orange and you  will look gorgeous.


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