Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Makeup For Traveling

 We as ladies normally tend to pack over we\'d like once traveling! This conjointly applies once packing our makeup bag, we tend to won’t extremely use all that makeup, realistically speaking.

Through expertise, we tend to provide you with the subsequent tips which will assist you with packing your makeup bag, while not taking some further bulk of bags on your trip:

1-      Temptation: Don’t let the temptation live through you once packing makeup. you\'ll solely be exploitation quarter of what you’re usurping the trip. choose the product that you simply use daily. For example: your daily routine can be applying emollient, a layer of foundation, under-eye concealer, and a few blush. Then these ar the things you ought to be taking with you! If you apply that blue shade of eye shadow two times every week, then leave it reception. Be realistic once packing, and avoid making eventualities in your mind that have an occasional probability of occurring.

2-     The weather: Check the weather of the placement you’re traveling to. once selecting garments for instance, you pack winter garments if you’re heading for a chilly location, and summer lightweight garments for warm spots. a similar applies for makeup. If you’re going somewhere wet, pack water proof product, whereas for cold dry weather you may pack some further moisturizers and product which will defend your skin from condition. If you’re traveling to a hot spot, you may contemplate forgoing the eye-shadows that may get rumpled or soiled when a minute.

3-     Sunscreen: ensure that your daily cream, foundation or any face product that you simply use contain emollient as you may be outlay plenty of your time outdoors. By doing that, you won’t ought to take a separate emollient lotion that may take extra space in your bag. cross-check the two in one foundation/sunscreen product that may assist you pack lightweight, and right!

4-     Travel makeup packs: Most of the brands have an area for travel makeup. They embrace alittle pack which will embrace many eye shadow colours, a blush, lip gloss and tiny application brushes tired one box. select AN choice that contains your most well-liked colours, and save even extra space in your makeup bag. Tip: select a palette which will go along with most of the garments you\'re packing.

5-     Packing: Designate a separate bag wherever all the lotions can go. just in case of accidents like one in every of them obtaining opened attributable to pressure, it\'ll not ruin your garments and alternative things in your bag. You don’t wish to finish up within the bedroom improvement off spots from your garments.

Keep the following tips in mind whereas packing for traveling. you\'ll pack lightweight, take solely what you would like, moreover as leave area for product you may obtain from the cities you’re traveling to!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Simple and elegant look with iteresting details

A very crucial part of our wedding is the jewellery.It not only makes the bride look even more beautiful but also forms a part of an important ceremony of dressing the bride in auspicious orna-ments.
A bride in our country stands out among the other brides all around the world because of her dress and jewellery worn.The designer jewel-lery is very much the dress of the bride.Nowadays,with changing time,preference and purchasing  power many other kinds of jewel-lery are worn as well,namely:white diamond jewellery,Kundan jewellery,diamond jewellery,gem stone jewellery,pearl jewellery,Meenakari jewellery.

Real bride and her wedding-Dreamy and dramatic look

A wedding will always be one memorable celebration that we can have for ourselves  or we can have for ourselves or we can attend to.Every wedding detail  is being done in such a way that it will always mark on every person who is going to attend your wedding.And as you will grow old and look back,you  will cherish each moment that  has happened on your wedding day.The most important occasion in a woman’s life is her wedding ceremony.Every woman wants to look  gorgeous and be the most attractive lady in the  whole gathering.That is why every woman takes so much time to finalize the out fit for this day.Bridal saris and wedding  saris are probably the best  apparel for a bride in which brides look stunning.

While selecting bridal saris and wedding saris,Women should consider five aspects:prices,color,sari style ,drape style and the border of the saris are available in many styles.Like semi-stitched saris and lehen-ga-cum-saris and our desi style sari.Desi style sari is always exceptional and has its own elegant look.The advantage of buying a semi-stitched sari is that you do not have to worry about the procedure to wear the sari.You need not bother about the pleats and just wrap the sari around your waist and tuck it in properly.

A lehenga-cum-sari is more comfortable and bride looooks slimmer in this sari because it does not have peats.Colors  play a very important role in any attire.Bridal saris are available in many colors.You can choose the color that you like and which suits  your skins  complexions;beiges,pastels,golden,and pinks asr some very beautiful colors to choose from.With  darker skin tone you can select  color like red,maroon,brownish red and orange and you  will look gorgeous.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Brides Look beautiful in 20 minutes!! part 2

Dull complexion
Take a teaspoon of gram flour with a pinch of turmericpowder,a few drops of lemon juice and half a teaspoon each of olive oil and milk.Apply on your face,leave for 20 minutes and wash off.

For removing pimple marks
Take a teaspoon each of  almond powder,potato juice,cucumber juice,lemon juice,sandalwood powder,curd and  rice powder.Mix all the ingredients into a paste and apply on affect areas.Let it dry then and wash it with cold water.

Whitening lotion
Take a tablespoon of cucumber juice,stir in a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric powder.Mix well and apply over your face and neck.Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash off.Leave for an extra 10 minutes if you have dark skin.

Barley mask for dry skin
Mix together four parts of barley,three parts each of turmeric powder and coconut oil and apply them on your face for 20 minutes before washing off.leave for an extra 10 minutes if you have dark skin.

Face mask for oily skin
Take two tablespoons of cornstarch,two teaspoons of margosa(kohomba) leaf juice,two teaspoons of sandalwood powder and two to three drops of olive oil.Mix and apply with a brush.Let it dry oil and wash it off with cold water.

Herbal milk bath
Take a cup cornstarch and dry milk powder and add two teaspoons of your favorite herbs to them.Blend them and use as a bath gel.

Brittle and splitting nails
You will have to do this at least two weeks ahead of the wedding day.Mix two tablespoons of powder  gelatin in a glass of milk or fruit juice and drink daily in the morning.

Conditioning treatment
Use  warm(not hot) olive oil.Apply the conditioner of your choice,and then wrap in a warm towel that you can heat in the microwave (again test for heat before applying).Leave on while you relax or have a cup of coffee and then wash or rinse your hair(if you use the oil you may want to shampoo).This will give you shiny renewed hair.

A beer rinse
Rinse hair with beer to add shine and body.Once a month use a can of flat beer.After applying it,you can rinse  it off with warm,not hot,water.The beer acts as a  natural setting lotion,giving blown dried hair increased vitality,resilience and hold.The vitamin B in it and natural sugar add the body and shine.

Dark circle eliminator
Cut two slices of potato.Put each slice under your eyes and leave them under your eyes for 20 minutes.Or grate a small potato and place a teaspoon on each eyelid,for 20 minutes.
For dark circles or bags under your eyes you can place slightly warm tea bags over your eyes,leave on for 10-15 minutes.

For tired eyes
Squeeze cotton pads out of ice water,place on eyelids and lie down,elevate feet.
To soothe your tired eyes place cucumber slices on eye lids while relaxing in a hot bath for ten minutes.

Brides Look beautiful in 20 minutes!!----1

It’s the day before the wedding and band you panic in front of the mirror! No time to run to a beauty parlor to fix your look?Try these homemade recipes that will take care of your  entire body in 20 minutes !!To save time,you can apply 2-3 recipes at the same time,on different parts of the body.

These are all natural recipes and have no side effect.However do check if there are any ingredients you know the might cause an allergic reaction.
Also remember not to try out a new product a week ahead of the wedding day.If you react to the product,there might not be enough time to repair your skin

For shiny teeth:
Rubbing half a lemon on the teeth not only makes them shiny and bright but will also cure bad breath.You can try this just before you put your make up on.